Friday, February 10, 2012

Wool of a different kind!

I usually work with wool fabric to make appliqué pieces, but I've been wanting to try this project for awhile. You use 100% wool sweaters that have been felted (ruined!) by putting them in the washer and dryer. You may have a shrunken sweater in your closet or one you'd like to repurpose. I found several that had been felted (unintentionally, I'm sure!) at my local thrift shop.
This 100% wool sweater from The Gap was just $3.00. I used a pattern and instructions from a post on Make&DoGirl.comThe pattern makes a large pair of mittens. I was able to get an adult size and a child size pair from one sweater. Another sweater yielded several adult pairs and enough left over for a turtle neck sweater for my little dog!


cindy said...

how cute! i have a couple of sweaters like that laying around. LOL! think i'll try it this weekend. thanks,cindy

Make and Do Girl said...

Your mittens turned out fabulously!! And I love the turtle neck sweater! Maybe some little paw mittens are next?